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I'm not lost just undiscovered

The lady
Not ladylike at all * open * spontaneous * sensible * sensitive * optimistic * can't stop talkingtalkactive * flirty * creative * passionate *over-emotional *

The lady loves...
Writing * photographing * Baschdl * being crazy * sex * football aka soccer * sexy legs * chocolate * poetry * music * diet coke * Krispy Creme Donuts * Sheep * Clothes * the telephone * slash * sun * Minneapolis * lazy sunday mornings in bed *

The lady's journal...
...is friends only because I want to know who reads about my private life and with whom I share my thoughts, hopes and fears. Therefore, drop me a comment if you want to be added. I will look at your journal and browse through your user info to see if we have things in common and then I'll decide whether to add you or not. If I don't, please don't take it personal. I may just have realized that our interest don't really match.

...is Love
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